We’re getting married.

462 days 18 hours 46 mins 34 secs
on January 21, 2017, Finest Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico
Joëlle Eid
Zach Roehr

Joëlle’s Story

Born: May 20, 1989 in Houston.

Loves: Sunshine, cats, carbs and being with Zach.

Dislikes: Genocide, cilantro and being told what to do.

Zach’s Story

Born: February 8, 1989 in Houston.

Loves: Working out, science, politics, pizza and animals.

Dislikes: Tomatoes, traffic and corrupt politicians.

“It was June 2013 when Joëlle and Zach first met at work. Zach was playing his music loudly in another office. Joëlle, being the music person that she is, emailed Zach’s department asking who was responsible for the great sounds she was hearing. Zach responded with his Facebook profile so Joëlle could follow him on Spotify (smooth move). It started as a music crush, but it quickly became much more. Before they knew it, they were going to music shows and festivals, dining at all the new restaurants in town and even adopted a kitten together. Three years later, they've visited 10 cities (and counting) together, shared many bottles of wine and are now planning to exchange their vows in paradise in front of all their beloved family and friends.”



Airport: Cancun International Airport (CUN)

Best airlines: Southwest, United and Delta

Resort: Finest Playa Mujeres

Booking Your Stay

For your convenience, we have partnered with Nanda from Beach Bum Vacation to help you with your travel arrangements. Nanda has blocked off rooms at our wedding venue, Finest Playa Mujeres, an all-inclusive luxury family resort, for our wedding guests.

Please note the following about booking with Beach Bum:

  • The rates we have on hold (in the PDF) are PER PERSON, for THREE NIGHTS.
  • The rates we have on hold include transportation from/to airport, which is $33 per person. (So, if you are booking a double, $66 is added to your rate.) If you do not want the transportation, please let Nanda know and she will remove.
  • The rates we have on hold for you are the lowest available. But if you find a lower resort rate, Nanda is able to price match. (When comparing rates, please keep in mind the extra $33 per person for airport transfers.)
  • Unfortunately, anyone who does not book with Beach Bum is not recognized by the resort as part of our wedding group. So, if you do decide to book on your own, please let us know your confirmation number: joelleandzach@gmail.com

The best way to reach Nanda is by email.

If you’re ready to book, Beach Bum asks guests to complete this online form to ensure accuracy: http://www.beachbumvacation.com/reservation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Joëlle, Zach or parents of the bride and groom.

Click here for full Beach Bum PDF, including room rates.

The Resort

The all-inclusive resort has 13+ dining options, 13 bars (with a few open till 1am), daily activities, a full spa, a cigar lounge, a golf course and a kids club.

For your convenience, we have blocked off some rooms in every room category. The sooner you book, the better, as we only have a certain amount of rooms in each category on hold and therefore availability is subject to change at any time. Please click here for booking information.

  • Junior Suite Spa or Pool View
  • Junior Suite with Private Pool
  • Pool Junior Swim-Up Suite - with Hammock
  • Junior Suite Ocean Front
  • Two-story Rooftop Terrace Suite with Pool (on rooftop)
  • Family Suite (2 bedroom)

In addition to the standard buildings, all the above room categories have also been blocked off in the Finest Club and Excellence Club buildings. The rooms in Finest and Excellence club have upgraded Bvlgari toiletries, upgraded liquor bottles in rooms, private check-in/check-out, private bistro restaurant, heated pools in winter and more. The only difference between Finest Club and Excellence Club is that Finest Club offers luxury to guests of all ages, while Excellence Club is adults only.

You can visit the resort website here: www.finestresorts.com

Click here for room information and booking with Beach Bum.

Wedding Events

Black & White Welcome Party

Finest Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico January 20, 2017 7:00 PM

Wedding Ceremony

Finest Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico January 21, 2017 5:00 PM

Wedding Reception

Finest Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico January 21, 2017 7:30 PM

Gift Registry